What is YouTuber Shane Dawson Teaching Us About Media?

If you haven’t become familiar with Shane Dawson in the past few months, I suggest you take a look.

Shane has been diving deep into the minds and lives of YouTube personalities such as Jeffree Star, Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul in a Netflix-like series.

If you’re not familiar with these YouTube celebrities, that’s ok, tens of millions of others are.

What Shane’s exposé’s signal, to me, is a maturing of YouTube itself as a medium.

YouTuber’s are acting in feature films, hosting their own conferences, becoming their own media empires and even conducting interviews with Presidents and CEO’s!

Celebrities and athletes are becoming YouTuber’s because of the massive platform it has become and the potential to increase earning while reaching a new audience.

YouTuber’s are today’s version of TV and film studios, and with much larger followings.

When grandmas and grandpas are checking YouTube for how-to’s, you know it’s no longer just for the kids.

Speaking of kids, this class of high school aged 13 year olds, have grown up in a world of YouTube. They’ve known nothing else.

Think about that!

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