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What is Rapid Urbanization?

One of the trends that will have a significant impact on our cities, infrastructure, services and environment is the growing expansion of city populations, something HP calls Rapid Urbanization. The world is now more urban than rural, and that is expected to surpass 70% by 2050.  Who will make up these city populations, how they will change our economies and what impact they will have on our environment is something businesses, governments and technologists will be challenged with for years to come.

Today, more than half of the population live in urban areas and 1.5 million people are added to the global urban population every week, according to some studies. A staggering 90% of this urban population growth will take place in African and Asian countries with rapid urbanization placing huge demands on infrastructure, services, job creation, climate and environment. But this global urban transition presents significant opportunities too, with vast potential for emerging cities to act as powerful and inclusive development tools.

By 2030, we will have 41 “megacities” with populations of over 10 million people each. Check out this video by HP Labs and be sure to read the full Q&A with Andrew Bolwell, the Global Head of Technology Vision and HP Tech Ventures.

Do you agree with HP Labs? How does rapid urbanization increase opportunities for humans? Drop your comments below and let’s discuss!

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