Vincenzo Landino is an entrepreneur, speaker and host of the Brand Boost Podcast. Vincenzo is the the co-founder and Creative Director of Aftermarq, a creative studio that specializes in brand amplification, strategy and storytelling through video and live streaming. With experience as a brand correspondent, Vincenzo’s portfolio includes a 1 billion impression campaign launch for Applebee’s as well as work for Kia Motors, Paul Mitchell Schools,, Barilla Pasta, DC United, Tinder, SAP, and Zoomph.

The balance between beauty and functionality is something long searched for in product design.
From Fox Sports to 3D Printing, Savannah is hungry for innovation and thrives on bringing new products to the market. She is a passionate need-solver, always looking to raise the bar of form and function and engage new and unique communities.
She not only thrives on the strategy and creativity that goes into designing and executing bleeding edge campaigns but cares about people, passion and great product, in that order.


The Brand Boost Podcast mission

The Brand Boost podcast is the show for brands looking to create the ’start-up sexy’ marketing ideology all while commanding total brand appeal.

About Savannah Peterson

Savannah is the Director of Innovation Strategy at Speck Design, where she helps companies and entrepreneurs alike develop ingenious new products. She thrives on the go-to-market journey and is a facilitation hub of ideas, resources, and engineering.

Prior to joining Speck Design, Savannah was the Director of Global Community at Shapeways, the world’s largest 3D Printing community, where she empowered and enabled the over 25,000 3D Printing businesses.

A true hardware nerd, Savannah has helped friends, clients, and fellow creatives raise over $4.5M through crowdfunding. Before diving head first into design, Savannah worked at Fox Sports Northwest, the Center for Communication and Civic Engagement at the University of Washington, and founded her own Social Media Marketing Agency, Savvy Marketing Seattle. She travels the world as a public speaker, most recently featured at SXSW, Silicon Beach Festival, and Gasparilla Interactive.

An avid mentor for women and men in tech, she teaches digital marketing and crowdfunding at Stanford, NYU, PACE, and SUNY Oswego. She has been featured in/on the BBC, NBC, The Wall Street Journal, Gizmodo, CNET, The Verge, and many more.

When not geeking out, she’s tasting wine and romping through the wild blue yonder with her rescue mutt, Martini.

Vincenzo’s Italian Lesson of the Day:

Vorreì prenotare una tavole per due per le sette = I would like to reserve a table for two for 7pm

About Vincenzo Landino:

Vincenzo Landino is a brand correspondent, speaker and live streaming strategist. He has worked with brands such as, Applebee’s, Barilla Pasta, Cinnabon, SocialFresh and more!

Big thanks to my producer, Cody Stevenson.

Voice Over Artist, Rachel Creveling.

Rachel owns Belle Strategies, a social media marketing company specializing in turning followers into customers. She has been providing voice over talent for 6 years and has recorded for TV, Radio and Podcasts. Find her at


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