Magnetic Phone Charger? Yes, Please!

Don’t you wish smartphone charging cables could incorporate the same technology as Apple’s Mag-Safe laptop chargers? Is it so hard to make a magnetic phone charger?


I can’t remember how many times I’ve tripped over the cord, the phone comes crashing off the coffee table, the dog drags it with her… you get the picture.

Well, worry no more because the magnetic phone charger is here to save the day.

Every magnetic phone charger is specially engineered so you can connect it magnetically to your iPhone or Android from either side, and you can use it to both charge your phone and transfer data.  This one is slim enough to provide compatibility for most cases since it’s practically the same width as a regular lightning cable.

To truly make a cable that will last for the ages, these cables are torture-tested to make sure that the pure gold-plated connectors can form a perfectly sealed connection at least 30,000 times.  To top it all off, the thickest yet softest braided cords are used to make it incredibly difficult for your cords to get tangled, and near-impossible to fray or get damaged.

If you’ve been looking for the best lightning or Micro USB cable out there, your search is over.

You can buy the magnetic phone charger by just clicking below, or you can head to the Aftermarqet store and buy it there.