Vincenzo Landino is an entrepreneur, speaker and host of the Brand Boost Podcast. Vincenzo is the the co-founder and Creative Director of Aftermarq, a creative studio that specializes in brand amplification, strategy and storytelling through video and live streaming. With experience as a brand correspondent, Vincenzo’s portfolio includes a 1 billion impression campaign launch for Applebee’s as well as work for Kia Motors, Paul Mitchell Schools,, Barilla Pasta, DC United, Tinder, SAP, and Zoomph.

After the first annual 52 Summit, CEO of 52 Creative, Cody Stevenson, joined Vincenzo Landino on the Brand Boost Podcast.
With a strong desire for customer experience and a fiery passion for change, Cody and Vincenzo talk about what customer service means for their business and how this podcast aids in that mission.
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The Brand Boost Podcast mission

The Brand Boost podcast is the show for brands looking to create the ’start-up sexy’ marketing ideology all while commanding total brand appeal.

About 52 Creative    

Fifty 2 Creative is a Digital Media Agency that focuses on brand amplification, customer experience and storytelling through various social platforms. We strive to master the ins and outs of your business, who your ideal customer is and how to deliver the best experience to them every time. We take a unique approach to each client knowing full well that every business has different needs in the digital marketplace. Above all us, Fifty 2 Creative’s mission is to build long-lasting, meaningful relationships. Our clients are part of our family, not just another checkmark in our portfolio.

About Cody Stevenson

Cody attributes his knack for leadership and work ethic from his time in the United States Marine Corps. During his time as a Marine, Cody received several awards for going above and beyond in combat situations while supervising junior Marines.

After being honorably discharged from the USMC, Cody went on to start his first business, HMC Media, in marketing and video production. HMC Media has worked with companies like BFGoodrich, King of the Hammers, and Red Bull Media House.

Cody exited HMC Media in 2010 and the company remains successful to this day.

From there Cody was headhunted by Textron Defense Systems for a role in business development and customer retention. Cody has set up operations around the world while managing $100 Million plus contracts. Cody holds awards from several organizations including the U.S Air and Missile Defense Command for going above and beyond in support of the Warfighter and the Nation. After ensuring the success of a group of MIT Alum out to set a World Record, Cody refocused on his passion for storytelling and digital marketing. Thus 52 Creative was born with Vincenzo Landino.

About Vincenzo Landino:

Vincenzo Landino is a brand correspondent, speaker and live streaming strategist. He has worked with brands such as, Applebee’s, Barilla Pasta, Cinnabon, SocialFresh and more!

Big thanks to my producer, Cody Stevenson.

Voice Over Artist, Rachel Creveling.

Rachel owns Belle Strategies, a social media marketing company specializing in turning followers into customers. She has been providing voice over talent for 6 years and has recorded for TV, Radio and Podcasts. Find her at

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