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The 2016 Mazda 6 has quickly risen to the top of my “must have” list.

Not that it matters, but, Car & Driver gave the 2016 Mazda 6 a perfect 5/5, a 4.7/5 and Kelley Blue Book a 9/10.

These aren’t fluky numbers. The 2016 Mazda 6 is as real as it comes.

IMG_9218I had the chance to scoot around the New England roads in a 2016 Mazda 6 Grand Touring in gorgeous Soul Red with Parchment Leather. I’ll admit, the light leather didn’t really appeal to me at first, I’m usually a black on black or a burnt orange leather kinda guy. I have to say, this color combo is slick. Something about it screams “cool”, but casual. Golf sporty but boardroom formal.

I don’t really know what that means, I just made it up, but it sounds right.


For the driver, the word “cockpit” can be used here.



The dashboard has been updated, tremendously. The center console and armrest are focused on the driver.

The 7” color touchscreen lives on the top of the center console, located in the driver’s forward field of view. Smart!

The materials are perfect to the touch, either soft touch plastics or leather wrapped.  The heated leather seats in my Grand Touring model were very comfortable and supportive.

I had a crack at the Kia Optima a couple weeks back and stated that it could be a European car killer. And then I’m one upped with this bad boy.

The 2016 Mazda 6 is every bit a European-feeling car as any BMW, Mercedes or Audi.

Seriously, I’ve driven them all, and if they were de-badged, you’d have a hard time knowing this wasn’t a new Benz.

The exterior styling is “mean”. As a guy, we like mean looking cars. Check out a couple of the exterior shots:


I’m a huge fan.

First the 2016 Mazda 3 and now a 2016 Mazda 6, I can’t see a better 1-2 punch from any competitor.

The 2016 Mazda 6 gets an Enzo Rating of 10/10. A+. Two thumbs up.

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